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L’articolo che segue, in inglese, nasce da un post in cui mi sono imbattuta su Instagram qualche tempo fa. Diceva: “Smetti di inseguire le cose, inizia ad attrarle”. Mi ha subito incuriosita, perciò ho deciso di buttare giù qualche riflessione al riguardo. 

Puoi aiutarti a tradurre l’articolo in italiano con Google Translate.

A post on Instagram caught my attention lately; it read something like: “Stop chasing things, start attracting them”. It resonated with me right away for a few reasons. 


The first reason being, obviously, that one never stops wanting, desiring. Desire sets our life in motion. And since my boyfriend and I are currently looking to buy our first house together, it easily hit home with me. What better example than a house to represent the cycle of chasing & attracting, pushing vs letting go?

You think you’ve seen the perfect house and you already want it badly. Until you learn you haven’t gotten it and disappointment hits hard. So, in between house viewings, why not remind yourself to add a middle step, one where you visualize your dream home?

Unfortunately, we expect to achieve whatever we want as easily as going from A to B. And if it doesn’t work out we feel frustrated.

To our disappointment, we must acknowledge that claiming or obsessing won’t create any better results. In other words, pushing won’t get us anywhere: think of a door that pulls open but you keep pushing it. Bam!

In all fairness, though, we don’t know better. This is how we are taught to behave in order to obtain a result.


Attracting sounds like a fantastic thing, and it is! Sure: this term and the fellow law of attraction are probably abused. Anyway, in my opinion, when you choose to attract rather than chase, you’re in for some powerful surprises.

To attract doesn’t equal, in fact, becoming a millionaire. There’s way more to it.

Moving from chasing to attracting kind of requires a shift in mindsets. As well as some interesting self-work.

How will you react if you don’t get something, in spite of working damn hard for it?
How will you react if you do get the thing you worked so hard for?

By keeping an open mind, both questions will have you embark on a path of self-discovery. Here are some of the questions I ask myself when I want something:
-do I really want it or do I think I do?
-am I conditioned by any external factors (read: social media)?
-how would I feel if I received that which I want?
-what would I do once I get it? (read: am I actually ready for it? Would I have any major doubts as to how to handle it?)

The last couple of questions involve going past affirmations per se and immersing oneself into the virtual reality of having already obtained that.

From there, we open some space to fine tune our wish, test our biggest dreams and confront any underlying fears. Once we’ve cleared the ground and established we truly want that thing into our life, then we should be ready to do some actual attracting work.

The actual attracting ritual.

The one where you sit quietly and use the sense(s) you connect the most easily with. Let me explain. A few good ways to attract something are variations of the following techniques: visualization, affirmations, guided meditations, meditation, journaling. Whichever you choose, the goal is to access a place where you either envision, feel, are guided toward visualizing, talk or write into being the reality that you want.

It is up to you to choose the one you connect best with. Which means the one that most effortlessly makes you feel as if your desire were already a reality. For some people affirmations are a wonderful way to co-create, for some other people it takes some sitting and feeling the emotions. While, for some co-creators out there, journaling and describing your desire in the past – as if it has already happened – works absolute wonders.

As Woody Allen puts it in his movie: “Whatever works!”.

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