Yoga Class Gone Bad

I’m not an excellent communicator. I suck, to be honest with you.
I’m not able to give bad feedback, get angry at people.
I do get extremely upset inside, but when it comes to talking, I know any spiteful words or even unkind ones will cause me a sense of guilt. I won’t be feeling at peace with the world.

So it happens that the owner of the yoga studio (which is a small, multi-purpose association really) comes up to me at the end of the month to tell me she has no proof of my payment for the previous one. She also comes up with a lame joke in her German accent while my Yoga teacher quietly supports me but doesn’t overtly stand up for me.

This owner never shows up to collect our monthly subscription, aka do her job and take care of her business, plus there’s only two of us taking this yoga course. Our Yoga teacher, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care too much about these matters when taking our money.

Now, do you think either of them will take responsibility for their poor work? Nope. Can you believe my Yoga teacher, whose style I absolutely love, when kindly asked for advice, gave me something close to “Whatever, it’s up to you”?

Am I over emotional or isn’t a Yoga teacher supposed to be an inspiration, lead by example? In this case, she chose to step away and not even remotely acknowledge that maybe she’d done something wrong.

Studio owner? She would flatter me by stating she knows how honest I am, I must have forgotten about it (?!).

Next time I’ll bring you that extra vital *€ bill to make you feel better, but I find this to be completely unfair on me. I think we all like to judge but never really stop for a second to go over our own faults. Me included, of course.

I don’t know why, but this episode has got me in a terribly bad mood!

Well, at least I know that, with such a “light” yoga class, this move isn’t the best marketing strategy.

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