Two months without my blog: on meditating, weddings and nearly dying.

Two months without my blog. Ouch!

It’s not like I’ve grown tired of updating my blog, quite the opposite. Every day I was this close from posting something but apparently, nothing happened.

The fact is, lately I have been busy with a number of preoccupations.

Number 1: meditating.

Number one goes to finding out about a new co-creation-slash-meditation technique that is just the bomb. All credits go to my generous friend Laura who shared it with me. Well, this technique is radically changing my Universe, for good. I devote to it some free time every day, rigorously when I am alone. It, in turns, gives me peace of mind and unexpected results.

Number 2: weddings

Well, just one wedding, my sister’s. Although I wasn’t too involved in it, I play my part too. A wedding is always a fantastic event, after all. So, I guess I was allowed to neglect my blog a little bit…

Number 3: nearly dying

Third comes in the arising of a domestic emergency that could have cost our lives. If your underground LPG tank starts shooting out gas like a pressure pot, then it’s time to bolt. And hope no-one drives by… Silver lining, we weren’t to blame for that accident.

Number 4: streaming workouts.

Fourth and last one: my workouts. I think I have managed to finally find my formula. That is, a mix of workout techniques suitable for my personality and lifestyle. All streamed, made in the Usa.

Number 5: “Done with the humanities!”

Oh yeah, I even went as far as getting a little book on statistics, since I’d long been considering to shake off the label ‘100% humanities gal‘.

This is, in short, the quirky list of what has kept me off my shelter online. Life isn’t so sweet without my blog and I’m so happy to be back!

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