Tiny Deal Breaker, Big Relationship Chaos

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Tiny Deal Breaker, Big Relationship Chaos

No matter how idyllic a relationship feels, there is a very slim percentage of something that makes you flip out every damn time. Can you relate? Does it happen to your couple, too?

98%: perfect 24/7
2%: deal breaker. 

Of course that 98% is solid thanks to work on both parts, commitment to meet each other halfway and so on. I mean, it is not naturally smooth but you are adult enough to want for the couple to thrive authentically, not just as a show.

That 2%, though. Ouch. All sorts of feelings. A possible deal breaker, like I said. I don’t know what specific factor does that to you, but I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with at least one anger-inducing element. That one seemingly rare occurrence that you tend to (want to) forget about. 

Personally, I have one and whenever it comes up, it is too late.

It is already happening, it has triggered all the bombs and it is ruining my day. Usually the weekends or whenever my boyfriend and I share any days off. 

Trust me when I say I am ready and willing to do the work it takes to meet the other person halfway. That is, compromise and see the bigger picture. I try to take responsibility on a daily basis.

So if something’s bothering me I ask myself: ‘Am I asking him to do better for himself/the couple or to fill a void in me that I am actually unable to fill myself?’

However, what really bugs me is that I cannot seem to stop before that specific, potential deal breaker has completed its action and left me/us hurting, yet again. Which is why I wake up the day after like: ‘Damn, relationships are constant, hard work’, as well as: ‘Why don’t I ever see it coming?!’. 

Well, I have no clue.

Any answers? Any success stories to share with the other readers and me?

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Definition of deal breaker by Urban Dictionary.

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