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#Personal Growth

State of Bliss.

After long years of self-work, I am quite sure I have entered a state of “bliss”. Honestly, I can’t find a different or better word. It all started out with strong anxiety due to my daily schedule and an ‘obsession’ […]

#Personal Growth

“Il coraggio di cambiare”. Eh!? | ‘The courage to change’. What?!

ITA “Il coraggio di cambiare”. Quante parolone, che frase ad effetto! Quando leggo e sento parlare di “coraggio” e “cambiare” immagino subito – o è la cultura popolare a farmi immaginare – una specie di Superman o Wonder Woman.  Mi […]

#Personal Growth

My Cliché On Loving Life

Although this is going to sound like a cliché, I’m feeling that by being aware, in the moment as much as I’m able to and willing to listen more than talk + react, life flows through me and it’s a […]

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