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At his and her dating, entertain me!

Damon Albarn depicted some social patterns like no-one in Blur’s 1995 album The Great Escape. I find the lyrics in it to be so sharp and smart. Here follows a video & quote from Entertain Me on what may happen […]

Spiaggia in Toscana
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This is an Insight

Any Depeche Mode fan will understand where the title of this blog comes from.

Insight is one the most romantic, beautiful love songs for me.

However, at this time and place I’m using it as a metaphor, all the while honoring my favourite band and sountrack of my life.



Qualsiasi fan dei Depeche Mode capirà facilmente da dove proviene il titolo di questo blog.

Insight è infatti per me una delle canzoni più romantiche che si possano sentire.

Ad ogni modo oggi la uso come metafora, continuando però a celebrare la mia band preferita, nonché colonna sonora della mia vita.

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