State of Bliss.


After long years of self-work, I am quite sure I have entered a state of “bliss”.

Honestly, I can’t find a different or better word.

It all started out with strong anxiety due to my daily schedule and an ‘obsession’ with making sure I fit my workout in; particularly one specific method out there, its trainer and her “prescriptions”.

Unfortunately, I have been conditioned by that trainer’s words and although I know it was my fault, not hers, working out (at least) four times a week wasn’t a matter of health or body goals anymore. It had turned into a moral obligation.

Moral to whom and what, exactly?!Enjoy Today

My body was begging me not to push it through tough workouts. I felt weak. “I might be pmsing”, I thought to myself, or “I probably haven’t been consistent with my supplements…” All poor excuses, until my head started spinning for good every single morning upon waking up and on for the following couple of hours at the office. Sometimes even at home, late in the afternoons.

Something clicked. Finally made sense.



It was about damn time I started honoring all the [fantastic, time-consuming, not-so-cheap, mind blowing] energy work I had being doing for years.

Nothing – or short of – is random. You’ve got to take responsibility for everything.

Yep, there’s no escaping that.

Peace of mind.

“I want to, I’m going to start acting according to my will, seconding my desires and whatever will keep this feeling of peace alive.”

It felt like a a-ha moment, and I didn’t remember experiencing many of those, if not any at all.

Working for/with myself makes me happy, in one word. It brings about synchronicities and lovely coincidences. Pieces fall into place.

So, as I realized the extent of such a state, I trusted life/the Universe/fate more and more. It is one of those rare times when the trust is real and not a make-believe, a fake it until you make it.

Everything will be all right. Things will turn out for the best.
– – – –
D i s m i s s   t h e   b u l l * * * *   i n   l i f e
T r u s t   w h a t   y o u  ‘ v e   g o t   i n s i d e

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