Season’s Greetings. And lower your expectations.

Christmas is behind us, 2018 is wrapping up, and we’re ready to ring in 2019.

So far, the holidays have been decent with better portions & worse portions of the same days or days that went miraculously smoothly. There have been moments where I have felt very grateful, like right now: I’m typing in a warmish house, a candle burning by my side and Christmas lights on.


I promised myself not to get stuck in self-built expectations of how Christmas time should feel or should be made of.  The same goes for not attaching to the memories of what went well last year so as to dare replicate them this year. There is really no recipe for happiness, at Christmas or at any other time of year.

So, once again, being in the moment and accepting life for what it is has helped me cope with patterns, idealistic plans and possible disappointments. Which have happened, by the way.

One of the setbacks of this period (besides giving up part of my routine) is caused by getting back in touch with people from past lives, be it relatives, parents or friends. It seems to be an issue, judging from the number of posts shared on Instagram on this subject. However, having a small family, I didn’t think this would affect me; oh boy, could I have been any more wrong!

I won’t be able to avoid meeting up with people whose company I’d rather spare myself. No wonder that the idea to share a whole evening with them didn’t quite appeal to me at first. But hey, what you gonna do? Very simply, (I’ll) suck it up. Meet the individuals in question, go with the flow, release the tension and resistance. 

The gathering should take place soon, so I will let you know how I have done.

For nBesties.jpgow I’ll just remind myself to drink plenty of water, try and fit in a workout whenever possible, not beat myself up over missed workouts, be proud for whatever little amount of time I can devote to those close to me, love them even more, and releasereleaserelease.

Because, after all, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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