Retroshade, in the wake of Mercury retrograde

Bye bye, retrograde hell!

July’s over, thank God! Mercury was clearly retrograde, along with a bunch of other planets: six in total, according to Elite Daily.

To be honest with you, I feel as if I have survived a real shit storm. Which, judging from a number of websites and accounts I follow, represents a very common feeling.

Now is the time to look back (better still, ahead!) to understand what actually happened, address it rationally and hopefully gain some insights.

Retroshade –ing, what?

So, yesterday I was surfing the web for more info on this subject when I came across this article where I learned, to my surprise, that this post-retrograde period has its own name:


Yep, isn’t that genius?! Here’s how they put it, over at Bustle:

[…] we mustn’t forget the inevitable post-retrograde transit that’s just arrived: Mercury retrograde summer 2019’s post-shadow period, also known as Mercury retroshade, which will go on through Aug. 15. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what to expect. “The ‘retro-shade’ period usually lasts two weeks before and after Mercury retrograde,” explains Stardust. “This time, we will be moving from Cancer to Leo, retracing the steps from June 20th. We are getting the chance to revise drama and issues caused in relationships during the next few weeks.” And after two weeks, the planet will emerge home-free in the sign of Leo and finally be on its retrograde-free and retroshade-free merry way.

Retroshade: a transit towards quieter times.

Oh boy, do I need this couple of weeks! You know, as we all went through July, aka planetary mess, it was hard to make sense of the drama we were being sucked into.

Cannot wait to unveil the main insight I have gained from July chaos!

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