My Holistic Therapists, my saviors 🌷

This article is dedicated to my “Holistic Therapists” – as I like to call them – because my life has become simpler, enjoyable and way less messed up thanks to them. 🎉

From self-help books to the search for a Holistic Therapist.

About four years ago I started working with someone, to ask a real person for help. Up to then, in fact, I had only read quite a few books on self-help, moved by natural curiosity and a need to grow & heal.

This happened thanks to a friend-sister, who told me about family constellations. You can check out my post in Italian or Wikipedia. Hearing about those sessions and their results was fascinating, almost unbelievable.

Although happy for her and very intrigued, I was also sad because it looked like no-one like that could be found in my town. I didn’t really feel like driving all the way to Florence on my own for afternoon or weekend sessions.

You know what they say, ask and it will be given.

Right-on. Shortly after, I happened to read a brochure on a session of constellations close to me. No way, I must go!

So, a few weeks later a very dear friend of mine let me in on her coach, in my very town as well. She said about her: ‘She can do whatever you want: constellations, past life regression, she knows tons of techniques, she’s so cool.’

To which I make an appointment with Chiara over Whatsapp and I already like her a lot. This woman is wild, so resourceful and outspoken. She exceeds all my expectations and changes my life.

Fast forward to the end of 2017, I meet a very sweet, badass woman who works with Theta Healing and much more. With a smile and an in-depth work, she turns me inside out, has me discover mind-blowing potential… and the journey goes on.

Some advice on how to spot the perfect Holistic Therapist.

If you too are curious to learn more about your energy + spiritual side; if you too are messed up within – hopefully not as much as me 😅 – then I 100% recommend working with a qualified person.

Why qualified? Because you can bump into self-declare holistic therapists who aren’t up to the job and not so humble to admit it. Trust me, I’ve been there and run away asap. 🏊🏽

In short… Keep your ears and eyes open, welcoming yet not gullible. Have the courage to ask around (for instance at organic products stores) and be surprised by random events.

More posts on this topic will follow. In the meanwhile, I wish you a bright day 🌟


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