Love Must Have Boundaries

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A basic lesson I’ve learned recently is that, even though Love is supposed to be unconditional, with matters of the heart one should set some boundaries.

No anger involved.

Whatever relationship we are in (be it with our mother, brother, cousin or partner) we should always do a little bit better and try a little bit harder. We should resort to respect and empathy so as to go beyond appearances and hurtful situations. We’d understand that each of us carries a burden of our own.

However, once we’ve shown love and respect, actual ones – not as a facade – we must let go. We must remember that we have to love ourselves first. So, if the other person keeps on being abusive, grouchy, or pushes our buttons, well: it’s their own buttons they’re pushing, their own shortcomings they’re desperately trying to address.

At that point, it’s their fight or simply their journey, not ours anymore.

We should act from a place of love and respect, although a place with boundaries. Boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. If we do, we compromise ourselves.

We should remind ourselves to do our best and play our part. Once that is over, acknowledge it and let go. Particularly, we must let the Other be Whoever and Whatever they came on this Earth for.

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