Local Library: Love At First Sight

Borrowing books from our local library is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have lived in this lovely, small town for a little over three years and I am totally in love with it. To be honest, it felt like home from the very beginning. In fact, it is warm and welcoming, with its peculiar inhabitants and lovely ‘hidden’ corners. Besides, it contains the essential shops and venues for everyday needs, including…

Our beloved, public library, where books are stacked due to a lack of room but you feel welcome the minute you walk in.

Right feeling, right local library

Sure I had borrowed books from local libraries before. They were all fine experiences except for the town where I grew up (mentioned above). I never felt totally at ease there although I don’t know why.

It was “just a feeling”, and in my world a feeling can make all the difference. Like: either stay for hours or leave instantly.

Local Library in Camaiore

Why I like Camaiore’s library so much

Simply put, I am thrilled to know I can choose between thousands of books of different genres as well as magazines and newspapers.
So I lose myself in its shelves, unearthing novels, essays, authors unknown or titles I have long wanted to get my hands on.
Then, I may sit and read in the cozy, bright room that’s warm in winter and just the right temperature in summer.
Lastly, I am always in awe of the fact that a small town like ours gives its community a chance to share so much culture and knowledge.

No loans for me this time, I promise!

Goes without saying, I often break this promise. Mostly because I spy something worth bringing home just as I am about to leave. Here we go again: I borrow the book, wave goodbye to the über nice librarian and walk happily back home.

A few of my loans

I have already blogged about A Hungarian Story and The Tin Drum. Also, I am so glad they purchased recent releases such as Clemens Meyer’s As We Were Dreaming or Chiara Frugoni’s Life In The Middle Ages (my translation of Italian title Vivere nel Medioevo): the former I have already read, the latter is on my night table as I write.

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