🎶 Live Forever, Oasis 👑

Stavo tornando a casa, in sottofondo Radio Deejay, quando all’improvviso è partita Live Forever degli Oasis (1994). Un tonfo al cuore, volume al (quasi) massimo e una carica di energia pazzesca.

Capolavoro. 🎩



“Noel lyrics were a response to the whole downbeat and negative attitude that was then prevalent in grunge music, particularly those of Kurt Cobain, writing for Nirvana.

“It struck me that this fucker, an extremely talented guy, had everything I wanted,” Gallagher explained. “He was rich, he was famous, he was in the greatest rock and roll band of its time — and he’s writing songs saying he hates himself and wants to die! My way of thinking was, Well, I fuckin’ love myself, and I’m gonna live forever, man!” ”

The Story of Live Forever by Oasis

 Noel Gallagher responds to Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’ being voted the best British song ever


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