Lessons I’ve learned from my state of bliss (which is clearly over).

State of bliss: gone. What now?

My state of bliss was precious until it lasted, about a week or so.

Female hormones shifted and took over, my human nature claimed its place. It soon became clear I wasn’t there any longer. 

Bearing witness to synchronicity and small miracles non-stop felt both humbling and awesome (as in awe-inducing): a short period of condensed magic that dissolved abruptly.

However, not everything was lost.

woman healing herself

Since being back to normal I have consciously reviewed some of the defining features of that state so as to live by them as much as I can.

So, what have I learned?

Intuition is everything, no matter how big or small the decision involved.

No point in resisting what is going on: either let it go or deal with it.

Say/give thanks, it just makes me smile right away.

I need more and more silence, more time alone to think. Yes, I am an introvert and I am am proud to be one!

Go ahead and do/say it, show your personality!

Let’s not pretend sad feelings don’t exist. They are mine and help me make better decisions. 

It’s not fun but definitely worth it.

Of course, thinking in these terms when I’m in the middle of a crisis will only calm me down moderately. But that is enough. Certainly more acceptable than knowing it will 100% come back stronger than before.


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