‘Introvert exhaustion’: the web search that changed everything

‘Introvert exhaustion’: glad I typed those words!

You might already know from my previous posts that I have made an awful lot of Self work over the years, some of it facilitated by holistic therapists. As of late 2018, massive issues had been dissected, faced and overcome.

One thing, though, was still bothering me: constantly low energy levels.

I could not seem to find a permanent solution, only temporary fixes. Like supplements. I gave them a go and they worked, to be honest, particularly in the critical post-lunch time (or nap time, if you will). However, they didn’t solve the problem completely, so I simply decided to go on with my life. Then, one day, it dawned on me…

‘Could this be due to being… like, introverted?’

Weirdly enough I didn’t overthink this one and quickly typed: ‘introvert exhaustion’
To which the Internet promptly returned “12 Signs You Have an ‘Introvert Hangover’ (Yes, It’s Real)” , an article on Introvert, Dear I highly recommend.
Jackpot! At that very moment I found the answers I had seemed unable to get any other way. Better late than ever…

So. No, my energy levels weren’t low because I have blue eyes [someone actually offered me that explanation, but I’ll save this story for another time.] Nor because I was weird.

I was an Introvert. Period, end of story. It is a real thing for me and many other people alike in the World. Can you believe how immensely relieved I was?
I devoured that article on Introvert, Dear! and then a few more. Still in disbelief, although elated by the thought I belonged to a community of similar human beings (take a look at my pinned article here).

Introvert, Dear! has since become my go-to source for everything introverted.

I follow them on Instagram, Facebook and often re-share their content on my social media accounts. Since they changed the perception of who I am so drastically, I hope I can reach many more unaware introverts out there, still struggling with their unique personalities.

2 thoughts on “‘Introvert exhaustion’: the web search that changed everything”

  1. Introversa o meno, o introversa quanto… A prescindere, il contributo di amore e gioia che dai a chi ti conosce è incommensurabile. 🌷

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