If I can’t buy a house, then I’ll buy shoes

If I can’t buy a house, then I’ll buy more shoes.

This is a weird economy. At least for me.  You know, I have a job, but it’s part time: it has been and it’s going to be so until next autumn at least.

Due to this, I can’t afford a house, nor plan long-term investments.

Which leaves me no other choice but go for more shopping, more indulging in my weakness: shoes, coats, cardigans, online or in store, you name it!

Here’s today’s new buy, which inspired this thought and this post. I got them at Benetton’s in my town; they reminded me of a similar pair I used to own when I was in high school. Classic pumps, not too high and yet feminine and elegant.

IMG_1709 (640x640)

What’s a girl gotta do?

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