How To Make a Difference

Butterfly Beauty

How can we make a difference in the world?

Butterfly Beauty
Butterfly Beauty

My answer is: by being ourselves, acting within the ‘limits’ of our own lives.

You see, the ‘problem’ nowadays is that, for an action to be plausible and even exist, it has to be acknowledged, reported in magazines and social media. The more covered in glam and sophistication, the better.

My view is that we need to get past all of this nonsense.

Blogs, for instance, don’t have to be super famous or feature hundreds of followers to make me smile, think, enjoy, imagine. I don’t always hit the “like” button on everything I see and strikes me positively. Yet, a blogger has had an impact on me without necessarily being fully rewarded in terms of likes, followers, comments.

People are sometimes stuck trying to achieve great things, be a philanthropist, become a celeb: anything blatant worth being reported and shared in the media. So, what we get is mediocrity, conformism.

Similar attempts for similar goals lead to similar mediocrity, clichés, style and even language.

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