My Fitness Journey As An Introvert

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Fitness, a longtime passion of mine.

If you know me, you also know I have a passion for fitness.

I like the idea of going after the ‘perfect’ form, at least my own attainable version of perfection.

Since I was a child I have admired the bodies of models or actresses and appreciated their aesthetic value. Only as a grown-up have I also learned to appreciate the mind-body connection behind the physical act of working out.

In fact, these days I cannot go one week without training and not face some unpleasant consequences. For instance, my back will hurt, my legs will feel all swollen and heavy, I will get restless. 

It looks like the older I grow, the better I understand the life-changing quality of regular exercise.

However, it has taken over a decade of trial and error to come to a place where I fully trust my instincts as to what makes my body flourish. 

To the point where I am happy to say: I have finally found my own formula.

It has taken so long due to two main factors:

1) I hate going to an actual gym;

2) The fitness world offers plenty of options so you have got to figure out the best ones for you.

1) I hate going to an actual gym

I guess we have established I am an introvert so it goes without saying, I don’t like group things, let alone gyms. I have tried that once and not disliked it but the thought of getting near one again makes my heart pound out of anxiety. 

Because of this, I have had to spend a long time figuring out my ideal training routines at home. On the other hand, though, I have gained the ability to piece them together myself

2) The fitness world offers so many options

Which led me to explore whatever alternatives I had to train in the ‘comfort’ of my own home, provided I had enough room to do so. As an introvert, what’s better than getting things done inside your own place?! 

Well, I got started with classic moves (like lunges and squats) until the fitness world started bursting with training methods and guru trainers. All of them promoted a home version of their work so I have tried a very good number of them since 2007. You name it, there’s a pretty good chance I have either heard about it or put it to the test.

This, in short, tells you about my fitness journey.

More will follow in future posts, hopefully detailing the single methods I have worked out to, the ones I have kept, those I have ditched, a few I have had to tweak

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