Facing (huge) change with a puppy in the house

Grande cambiamento con un cucciolo in casa

One week with a puppy= huge change!

This article was not planned, just like our last week in February.
The fact is, Emma came into our life: a black Labrador puppy who altered our routines completely, especially mine. Since I had never had puppies, I could never have anticipated what I was in for.
Sleepless nights or irregular sleeping, much tighter house-cleaning schedule; missing my workouts, Yoga, writing for This Is An Insight, meditation and whatnot. You name it.

I must admit that while this change was draining, it also brought more clarity on who I am.

I am, in fact, someone who likes to plan big moves painstakingly so that I can adjust to and manage them at best. Only this way can I monitor energy loss, along with exhaustion and frustration. I mean, if I know what to expect I am able to design a vague action plan in my head that will make me feel calmer and slightly more in control. Worse comes to worse, my ‘vague action plan’ can provide some support both on the material and mental plan. The guys at Introvert, Dear give more details in Why Many Introverts Are Extremely Good Planners

If, on the other hand, you catch me off guard with a last minute change, then I will struggle big time. Just like with Emma’s arrival, which was thought of and completed in less than 24 hours. Oh my God.

In spite of this, I would like to give myself some credit.

With a puppy in the house I realized I had to be priority-oriented, thus I skipped most of the ‘me-time’ activities that usually define my routine and stability.

Did I like doing it? NOPE! Because I know myself and, like Vodafone, everything’s around me (at least in the Italian commercial!). Nonetheless, forcing ‘my things’ into these days’ chaos would have been impossible, making me twice as tired and oh so much more frustrated.

I did not force the state of things, I did not resist change.

With what was left of my sense of discipline and mental clarity, I remembered to do Face Yoga (in front of my office bathroom’s mirror, lol) or meditate super quickly. Also, read my wish list before bed and practice gratitude. But whenever I skipped them as well, it was still OK.

Again, I wasn’t happy about it but hardly resisted anything. I firmly believe that resisting reality is always extremely dangerous. You are neither getting you want nor fully present in the moment.

So, to finish off this unplanned, short article, I recommend embracing any deviations offered by life: take a moment to remind yourselves of your core values, then let everything go where this change is supposed to.

Like I shared in an article some time ago, it is 99% life, 1% you.

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