My time, my choice: for a drama-free life

drama free life

I have a part-time job so I leave work around four pm every day. I choose to spend most afternoons meditating + co-creating. No, I haven’t always been cool about it.

Spending time like that used to trigger constant guilt since they don’t represent exactly the definition of productivity.

So, I could devote a couple of hours to blissful meditations or past life regressions, surely not without an internal struggle first. On some days, I would feel too sluggish for any mundane task: obviously I wanted to cultivate my spiritual practice, yet I tried to resist that urge so badly.

Anyway, in the end I would give in, meditate and feel fabulous afterwards. As it turns out, it was always for the best.

Well, it IS always for the best. Every moment devoted to spiritual practice supports positive change and growth.

That took me a while to realize, though.

Actually, it happened not too long ago. It was girls night out and my besties had quite some drama to share. Unfortunately, most of it sounded as if they were overcomplicating stuff that could be solved easily, if not avoided altogether. Awkwardly, when it was my turn, I had no big things to share, drama-wise.

Bottomline, there is no time nor space for drama.

My life definitely ain’t perfect, nevertheless I navigate its ups and downs rather than be swept away by them. If I haven’t been oppressed by huge issues in a few years, I owe it to the hours spent looking inwards, seeking help, getting the tools to evolve.

You know, this lifestyle I’m building may not be too common (at least among my peers) but it works wonderfully for me.

It’s the perfect fit for this INFP introvert and lets me be on top of life as opposed to crushed by it.

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