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Follow your own happiness, not social media’s fakes!

Quick reminder: you don’t need somebody else’s version of happiness. What you see on Instagram or read on lifestyle blogs is not your happiness, nor should it become your next goal. Just follow your intuition, follow your heart’s desires, breath […]


Like me, love me, share me

L’amore è in ogni dove. Su Facebook e Instagram in particolar modo. Le persone condividono immagini idilliache di coppia, magari sullo sfondo di bei paesaggi davanti ad un’invitante pietanza, senza però rinunciare al contempo ad un radioso sorriso o pose […]

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Yoga Class Gone Bad

I’m not an excellent communicator. I suck, to be honest with you. I’m not able to give bad feedback, get angry at people. I do get extremely upset inside, but when it comes to talking, I know any spiteful words […]

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