State of Bliss.

After long years of self-work, I am quite sure I have entered a state of “bliss”. Honestly, I can’t find a different or better word. It all started out with strong anxiety due to my daily schedule and an ‘obsession’ with making sure I fit my workout in; particularly one specific method out there, its …

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♥︎ Gloomy days have arrived, at last!

🍁 Da donna introversa quale sono, non posso che entusiasmarmi alla visione dei primi segni dell’autunno, delle nuvole, delle giornate un po’ più corte che offrono – finalmente – l’opportunità di accendere candele a profusione! 🍁 Being an introverted woman, I am so thrilled to see the first signs of autumn with its clouds, shorter days and …

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Female Inspiration

Female Inspiration – Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Feminist posts are everywhere lately. All of society is required to be more feminist, more women-oriented & aware, not without a few exaggerations imo. Anyway, I am a nerd adventurer so I have read many posts and interviews, watched videos, pinned inspirational quotes, followed feminist accounts on IG… until I realized that I have supported women, …

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The Horrors Of PMS And Period.

The Horrors of PMS and Period

Today is one of those days – during or a little before my period – when my hormones go wild and I feel, alternately or often together… Ferocity, sadness, hopelessness, desolation, anger, demotivation, melancholy, frustration, apathy. Each month I try to tame the thoughts connected to the emotions above and remind myself that PMS + …

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