Welcome to the Healing section of This Is An Insight. I am so grateful you are here!

I hope you will read words that soothe, motivate, and bring you peace.

The articles are my way to openly share with you the challenges and blessings I have encountered in my own process of healing. To let you know that you are going through this together.

They include a collection of techniques, suggestions and resources to inspire and hopefully help you with your personal journey. Please feel free to comment or reach out via hello@thisisaninsight.com

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“Il coraggio di cambiare”. Eh!? | ‘The courage to change’. What?!

ITA “Il coraggio di cambiare”. Quante parolone, che frase ad effetto! Quando leggo e sento parlare di “coraggio” e “cambiare” immagino subito – o è la cultura popolare a farmi immaginare – una specie di Superman o Wonder Woman.  Mi vengono in mente un tipo o una tipa che dall’oggi al domani danno di matto …

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Leggerezza | Lightness

As light as a feather // leggera come una foglia

La cerco sempre, la leggerezza, ma non la trovo. È vitale agire, esplorare, anziché scavare in fondo, in verticale, dentro la mia interiorità.

My Cliché On Loving Life

Although this is going to sound like a cliché, I’m feeling that by being aware, in the moment as much as I’m able to and willing to listen more than talk + react, life flows through me and it’s a beautiful, powerful sense of well being. I love life and wish to be an active …

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… And A-ha:

While most of the time the predominant inclination is towards wanting more, burning with both eagerness and disappointment for what has never been, is not and presumably will never be here… … there are actually times when a ray of light makes its way into my mind and a-ha: • I am grateful for all …

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