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Tiny Deal Breaker, Big Relationship Chaos

Tiny Deal Breaker, Big Relationship Chaos No matter how idyllic a relationship feels, there is a very slim percentage of something that makes you flip out every damn time. Can you relate? Does it happen to your couple, too? Like:98%: […]

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Follow your own happiness, not social media’s fakes!

Quick reminder: you don’t need somebody else’s version of happiness. What you see on Instagram or read on lifestyle blogs is not your happiness, nor should it become your next goal. Just follow your intuition, follow your heart’s desires, breath […]

Female Inspiration – Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash
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Female Inspiration

Italiano in fondo | Feminist posts are everywhere lately. All of society is required to be more feminist, more women-oriented & aware, not without a few exaggerations imo. Anyway, I am a nerd adventurer so I have read many posts […]

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