Being An Introvert Is A Real Thing And I Had No Clue

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Being An Introvert Is A Real Thing.

Until not too long ago, I thought I was just a weirdo and that was it. I had no idea that being an Introvert was a real thing.

But then I found out that it is real, there are quite a few of us out there and we are an actual community! Fellow introverts who connect and proudly share their stories.

At that point everything finally made sense. It was the cherry on top of all the wonderful energy work I had been doing and blogging about for years.

In fact, it was a relief to learn IT IS OK to get exhausted when we are around people for too long.
IT IS OK to rush home in order to write, meditate and be creative.
IT IS OK if we jump from one interest to the other.
IT IS also OK if we are mainly self-involved.

So, I cannot wait to connect with you on this journey of discovery and acceptance of our introverted, mysterious Selves.


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