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Hi, I’m Mary!

Hi, I’m Mary, an introverted, eclectic Soul from Italy.

Back in 2012, when I set up this blog, I chose to describe myself in generic terms and stuck to that About section for nearly six years.

Although concise, it included an essential feature, one that I knew would always ‘be me’, no matter how many years would go by.

“I don’t like labels, I like to explore and keep learning”.

That is exactly the core truth from which I am deciding to continue this journey.


2012 – 2019: still growing, ever evolving.

You see, I came back to that bio multiple times, wondering whether I should elaborate on it. And every single time I decided not to. I would repeat to myself that it was enough. Because, at the end of the day, why should I strive to pin myself down?

Why? Well, because THAT “is the answer to the question on your mind”, to quote Sam’s Town by The Killers.  In other words, why set up a blog in the first place if not to tell about myself? Duh!

Come to think of it, WordPress is only the result of an actual, written diary that evolved into a personal ‘space’ on Messenger/Hotmail, which eventually turned into This Is An Insight. Whichever the form, the need to express myself has clearly never subsided.

Interests, ambitions and guilty pleasures…

I am aware of cultivating multiple interests. They range from books, spirituality and personal growth to exploring interpersonal relationships, in addition to a fascination towards strong, female figures. At least, these are the ones I like to share.

I am also keen on learning about financial topics, I am moved to tears by Medieval art & architecture, would like to become decent at Maths and gain some business knowledge. Social justice is an issue close to my heart, my not-so-secret daily read and new technology a permanent temptation. Oh, and shoes: one never has too many shoes.

In short, I am Mary, an eclectic Soul who loves to explore but never dwells on anything for too long. 

This is my breakthrough: I am finally willing to say it out loud, put myself out there as I am. I am actually proud of myself for coming thus far.

And I cannot wait to share more on this platform, which has become my home online.


0 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Mary!

  1. No worries for the spelling, it happens plus if shouldn’t be writing in this very moment; in fact, not being a native English speaker I risk making those mistakes way more often!
    Anyway, the taste for retro and vintage is really growing. I’m in love myself with the twenties, so I really like a few creations of yours. Have a great night, Mary x

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Hi, I am Mary, a proud INFP Introvert & eclectic Soul based in Italy.
Still growing, ever evolving, I write about spiritual growth, female power, relationships, books and 'life in general'.
I look forward to connecting with fellow introverts, smart women, and book worms.
Oh, yes, I'm a weird mix of Aries & Gemini!
Remember: it's OK to be you!

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