Hi, I'm Maria but my friends call me Mary

I have worked on accepting myself + healing for many years. I felt the urge very early in my life to look for positive change. 

I wanted to find peace and proudly own my decisions. I wanted to quiet the storm in my Mind, let it know that: We got this, we only have to do what works for us. Really, what’s our gut telling us?’

I drew on mindfulness practices and got hooked on meditation. Slowly, I began to “acknowledge” my own intuition and was eager to look deeper. Over the years, the heaviest struggles have become my best strengths: enough of ignoring them. And, most importantly, enough of downplaying ME. 

Of course, coaches have been essential to my healing and awakening. I was lucky to meet generous women who gave me the tools to continue the process on my own.  

So, wherever you are in your life as a woman, please know it is always the right time to trust yourself and feel better. It is our right.