Happy dog - Unlike poor Gastone, the German shepherd
Gastone was a beautiful German shepherd who didn't receive the love and care any dog should deserve. Rest in peace, furry baby.

Every dog ​​deserves to be happy, loved, cared for and protected.

Gastone, a beautiful German shepherd, wasn’t so lucky.

I had just left my mother’s house when I heard the loud bang of a car crashing into something and, a few seconds later, a dog moaning. It was him, hit on his leg, spinning around, in pain. The car wasn’t even driving that fast.

Gastone had escaped from his enclosure to follow his companion, a gray mongrel who is always wandering, down a very busy road. It was his first time out of there.

Their owners do not care that their dog is always around. Perhaps they do not realize that, if left unattended or or almost so, dogs pose a threat to themselves, other dogs and humans in their vehicles.

So, Gastone was taken to a clinic thanks to the arrival of the competent authorities. Nonetheless, he survived only until the following morning. Then he left us.

If we adopt a dog, we must do so with a sense of responsibility, love and dedication.

What’s the use of having one if we leave them freezing, dirty and not safe? Why take a dog just for fashion, or to raise them to violence? Why make it easy for them to leave so early and absurdly?